Abous Us:

An inspiration to create the brand in 2016 was primarily a long-term passion for music, combined with my lack of acceptance for the pricing policy of power products. This is how my small workshop started to develop power cables whose impact on the sound of the system would be spectacular while the price would not ruin the wallet.

The beginnings of our activity were focused on selling products through a network of Polish audio shops, including Q21 and Audioneo. It was a great idea for introducing a young brand. The downside of this sales policy was the lack of direct contact with the customers and their feedback on the cables we manufacture, as well as a lower quality/price ratio because of audio stores’ margins.

From the very beginning, we focused on the production of products that would have two main common features – natural timbre and analog character, while not being overly analytical, tiring, or having any digital artifacts. Each item from our offer has been prepared according to this concept, because we approach each model individually and keep working on it within the assumed budget until we achieve the desired result. We prefer multi-strand designs, mixing materials from different parts of the world and experimenting.

The new model is subjected to several months of testing and auditions before it is launched for sale. The most important thing is the audible end result, not the specification in the advertising leaflet. The products are sent for listening to anyone who wants to listen to them in their own system, because there is no other way for the customer to make the right choice. Production takes place in Poland, all products are made by hand with full repeatability. A three-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided on each sold item.

As the head of the company, I still take it upon myself to convince many skeptics that power supply has a significant impact on the quality of the music they listen to. Their skepticism often results from the poor price-quality ratio of competitive power products. Many customers choose to buy a better / more expensive component device and on top of that they ass a price of a power cable. I hope that our products will change this approach and that the equipment purchased by you will play at 100% of its capabilities.

Greetings and welcome to a musical adventure